The Candles of Our Hearts Looking for a Flame!

Thirty Chinese scholars and curriculum specialists were asked to visit the Palomares Empowerment after-school program on October 29, 14. The scholars were received with royal welcome banners and were given a tour of the Palomares Academy of Health Sciences. Principal Beal and vice principal Davis themselves accompanied the scholars on their visit. The Chinese delegate were the guests of Dr. Ding Jo Currie.


At the conclusion of their visit, the scholars participated in the Empowerment Program. They were greeted by the rows of empowerment students singing; “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”  The scholars were ushered in and took their seats ready to participate in the empowerment activities. They took delight in being served by the students, hard-boiled organic eggs, home-cooked herbed potato slices, and cool slices of sweet watermelon!


The Candle of Thine heart activity is inspired by the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah:

O BEFRIENDED STRANGER! The candle of thine heart is lighted by the hand of My power, quench it not with the contrary winds of self and passion. The healer of all thine ills is remembrance of Me, forget it not. Make My love thy treasure and cherish it even as thy very sight and life.

The purpose of the activity is:

  • To understand the metaphoric similarity of the candle and the human soul, the human heart.
  • To contemplate, identify and follow daily practices that kindle the heart.
  • To avoid those tendencies that quench the light of the spirit.
  • To help educators realize how much their relationship with their students matters in kindling their hearts.
  • Acknowledge that the heart of education is the education of the heart.
  • To appreciate the importance of the singer as well as the song.

Education is no longer about information dispensation; Google does a better job of dispensing information. When a teacher is illumined with the love of the Creator and understands the principle of the oneness of all humanity, he/she will seek to connect with the heart of the students and ultimately ignites the candle of the students’ heart.

Insanity in our present educational system is:

  • Keep doing what we have been doing and expect a different outcome!
  • Keep doing nothing and continue expecting change!
  • Ignoring the lighthouse and continue sailing our ship in rough waters.
  • Keep digging while we are in the pits and refuse to help each other to shake the troubles off our backs, placing them under our feet in order to climb out!
  • Throwing the baby in the bad water, show indifference, hoping to escape the test, become cynical.
  • Not caring to know what sanity is; not examining our values with curiosity and humility.

The spiritually awakened need to join together to make a difference:

The spiritually awakened are like bright torches in the sight of God, they give light and comfort to their fellows.

Life in man should be like a flame, warming all with whom it comes into contact.


We hope every teacher and student is empowered by the warmth and light of a shared flame.

Keyvan Geula is a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist; LMFT. She received her Master of Science in Marriage, family, and Child Therapy from the University of La Verne, in La Verne, California. She employs the latest research in behavioral sciences, neuroscience, and the Baha’i principle of the oneness of all humanity to serve the well-being of her clients.

She offers her services as a clinician, lecturer, trainer, and supervisor to a global set of clients in person and online. In her clinical work, she incorporates the wisdom of the Baha’i Writings, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy research, Mindfulness meditation, and consultation skills, as well as knowledge of the spiritual self.

She is an adjunct professor of Behavioral Sciences at Citrus Community College, faculty of continued education at Claremont Graduate University. She teaches psychology online to students at Baha’i Institute of Higher Education.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Center for Global Integrated Education (CGIE), a non-profit Baha’i-inspired educational organization, which explores oneness of all humanity, and teaches the integrated mind-body-spirit approach in education.

She has served for two years as the producer and host of a two-hour weekly live radio show for the Persian community in Sothern, California focusing on the role of the psychology of spirituality in personal and social transformation, creativity, emotional and social intelligence, and a greater sense of harmony in a global society. She also has been the host and producer of TV series called Transforming Human Consciousness for eight years. She regularly writes and blogs on on topics related to integrated education, the oneness of humanity, the powers of the human spirit in the betterment of global society, elimination of all prejudice, equality of women and men, and education reform. Some of her shows are posted on her; Keyvan Geula YouTube Channel.

Mrs. Geula has served in several Baha’i institutions since her youth in Iran and USA.


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