Below you will find two separate programs we are currently offering, one for primary school-age children and one for junior youth aged 11-15.

We also offer training for young professionals, college students, and community members to work with children and youth in Baha’i-inspired integrated education.

Primary School Ages 5-11

Are you looking for an after school enrichment program?

The Center for Global Integrated Education is offering free integrated education activities and mentoring to help children grow and develop leadership skills.


The program nurtures the body, mind, and spirit through activities including:

Gardening, Games, Art, Cooking, Storytelling, Puppetry, Singing, Movement, Communication Skills, Writing, Mediation, Service to the Community

Children will learn to be advocates of unity and peace. The Program is offered through the services of the Center for Global Integrated Education and its volunteers from the Claremont Colleges. Depending on the activity and community interest, the location will vary. Parents are encouraged to join in the learning and fun.
Contact Us: Keyvan Geula, LMFT, Executive Director of CGIE
(909) 625 – 5075

Looking for a community service project?

Junior Youth Empowerment Program

Middle school youth are in a time of transition.  They develop new powers and emotions, start to see contradictions in the world around them, and the opinions of their peers become very important.   They need a safe space to get together with a group of friends and seek answers to their questions, develop their potential, and learn to help others.

Want to mentor a group like this? 

Here’s what you would do:

Training6 Saturdays sessions starting January 30, 9:30 am-5 pm


Discussion-based small group study including the following questions:


What are spiritual capabilities?

This project is not only about academic teaching, but also about helping youth realize that they are noble beings who can work for unity and justice.


How do we teach these capabilities to youth?

Learn about existing materials and design activities for youth. Lead a Youth Group (with a college student co-leader):  3 hours/week Help youth develop three types of capabilities in weekly group meetings:


Power of Expression:

Reading comprehension activities, learning to articulate their ideas


Moral Leadership: 

Stories of youth around the world that develop world citizenship, how to make daily choices based on spiritual principles


Service & Social Action:

youth learn to analyze social forces influencing their community, they then plan & carry out their own community service projects.


Sponsored by the Dr. Muhajir Regional Training Institute, with local support from the Bahá’í Association of the Claremont Colleges and the Center for Global Integrated Education.

FMI contact Alyssa Dray:

junior youth video

Primary School Ages 5-11

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