CGIE Internships and How to Apply

CGIE accepts interns who are interested in its mission. Interns can benefit personally and professionally from getting involved and making a contribution. CGIE values providing closely supervised internships to college students of the diversity of disciplines.

CGIE interns accompany junior youth and children they work with visiting pomona College organic farm in Feb 2012

CGIE Offers its interns unique training and social action opportunities such as:


Interns are offered ongoing and systematic opportunities of learning and serving with supervisors and other interns. New interns work alongside more experienced interns as part of a unified and supportive close-knit team atmosphere.


Participating in social and community events.
Interns are often invited to community building picnics, house concerts, cross-cultural gatherings and exchanges, community mindfulness and meditation gatherings, wilderness hikes, drum circles, gardening and nature tours,  and community dinners.


Internship Opportunities

CGIE internship information is posted on the career sites of the Claremont Colleges including Pomona College Route 47.  Log into your account and look for the Center for Global Integrated Education or CGIE.

Questions to consider:


  • How CGIE Internships be of benefit to you?


  • How can you serve the mission and interest of CGIE?


  • Have you had any experience with teaching, coaching, tutoring, working with social media, Garage Band, I movies, storytelling, use of nature in education, blogging, or writing?


  • Are you interested in working with high school students exploring, self-knowledge, transformative meditation, human rights, and social justice causes aiming at creating harmony and unity in the greater community?


  • Are you interested in teamwork and asking difficult questions such as “What Do I Want To Do With My Life after graduation?” Who am I and what do I want? How do service to others and empowering the disadvantaged play a role in the meaning of life for me?


Submit an application including a letter of interest and resume. CGIE will contact those students for an interview.


CGIE Selection Criteria

The strongest consideration is given to candidates who appreciate unity in diversity of all humanity, are curious to learn and appreciate opportunities of serving the community and:


  • Have done some career exploration on CGIE website and decided that they are ready to try working with a nonprofit in the field of integrated education guided by universal spiritual laws and values that aspires to an ever-advancing civilization.


  • Can clearly articulate how the internship relates to a goal and purpose they are passionate about.


  • Are committed to making space in their weekly schedule for their internship.  CGIE requires an average of 8-10 hours a week for training and serving.


CGIE meets the highest standard in recruiting and mentoring interns


  • At CGIE a supervisor is assigned to guide and advise the interns.


  • At CGIE interns are given guided tasks and projects intended to provide professional skill development and exposure to experiences that will be of value to their life and career.


  • At CGIE interns are given minimal administrative duties (less than 15% of the internship.)


  • At CGIE interns receive free training before they are asked to work with the students, parents or community members.


Program Requirements


Students accepted into the CGIE internship will be required to:

  • Attend an orientation meeting that will equip them with logistical information and tips.


  • Complete an internship agreement form and final evaluation.


  • Meet with their supervisor on a regular basis.


  • Allow time to meet periodically with other interns, people, and community members who are involved in the CGIE-sponsored or supported projects.


  • Journal about their experience to ensure that they are reflecting on what they are learning and gaining.




CGIE  is committed to social justice and supports human rights to education for all. CGIE interns can teach English 3-5 hours a week to the students of  Baha’i Institute for Higher Education; (BIHE)  via SKYPE or similar online modes.


The Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education (BIHE), popularly known as the Bahá’í Open University, is a university in Iran designed and managed by the Bahá’í community for Iranian Bahá’ís who are excluded from access to higher education in their country. Founded in 1987 and offering 17-degree programs, the BIHE offers academic programs of learning and research in the sciences, the social sciences, and the arts. The university is staffed by hundreds of volunteer professors and works with an affiliated global faculty (AGF) that includes accredited professors from universities outside Iran who assist BIHE as researchers, teachers, and consultants.

Web System Administrator and Social Media Job Opening:

CGIE is accepting applications for internships by students who could maintain its Web environment by identifying system requirements; installing upgrades; monitoring system performance.


Web System Administrator Job Duties:


  • Establishes Web system specifications by analyzing access, information, and security requirements; designing system infrastructure.


  • Maintains Web system performance by performing system monitoring and analysis, and performance tuning, software, and operating and system management systems.


  • Secures Web system by developing system access, monitoring, control, and evaluation; establishing and testing disaster recovery policies and procedures; completing back-ups; maintaining documentation.


  • Upgrades Web system by; developing, testing, evaluating, and installing enhancements and new software.


  • Meets financial requirements by submitting information for budgets; monitoring expenses.


  • Updates job knowledge by tracking emerging Internet technologies; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.


  • Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


Web System Administrator Skills and Qualifications:

System Administration, Technical Understanding, Technical Management, Provisioning, Telecommunications Technologies, Dependability, Handles Pressure, General Programming Skills, Internet Technologies, Social Media management skills, Learning on the Fly, Verbal Communication.


Sample questions to answer:

  • What makes you interested in this position?


  • What Web and Social Media skills and strengths do you bring to the job?


  • What related job experience do you have?


  • What are some of the problems you notice on CGIE website and how would you solve each problem?


  • Share a brief story about how you managed a work-related problem that you created.


  • What motivates you?


  • What new skills have you learned in the past year?


  • What skills have been most useful in your professional life?


  • How would you describe a great work environment?


Applying for CGIE internship while Studying Abroad


For students studying abroad, please email CGIE for directions on how to apply.  CGIE has a network of global collaborators that are happy to help and keep you connected while abroad.

Apply For CGIE Internships

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