Integrated Education Needs to Teach the Process of Consultation and Conflict Resolution

For education to bear the fruit of oneness of all humanity, we must teach the children the process of deliberation and peaceful consultation. This process contrary to the adversarial spirit in debate and arguments does not separate people as winners and losers. The process of consultation invites the diversities of opinions but keeps at a distance the egos and personalities that seek ascendancy of one person or opinion over the others.


In offering a most powerful and effective model of consultation and deliberation the Baha’i model stands as unique in its processes and spirit. Living in harmony and experiencing harmony is powerful in shaping the characters of our children. Integrated education considers the skills of creating harmony essential for a world that lives in peace.


The cross-generational interaction of the members of the community who consider children as potential builders of human civilization is crucial. At the recent meeting of the UN, a young representative of the Baha’i International Community very eloquently and explicitly explained the Baha’i process of consultation and deliberation and its distinction from other systems of fact-finding prevalent in the world today.


You may watch the video of Ming H. Chong on Baha’i Consultation.


Baha’is offer decision-making model at UN commission


Keyvan Geula is a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist; LMFT. She received her Master of Science in Marriage, family, and Child Therapy from the University of La Verne, in La Verne, California. She employs the latest research in behavioral sciences, neuroscience, and the Baha’i principle of the oneness of all humanity to serve the well-being of her clients.

She offers her services as a clinician, lecturer, trainer, and supervisor to a global set of clients in person and online. In her clinical work, she incorporates the wisdom of the Baha’i Writings, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy research, Mindfulness meditation, and consultation skills, as well as knowledge of the spiritual self.

She is an adjunct professor of Behavioral Sciences at Citrus Community College, faculty of continued education at Claremont Graduate University. She teaches psychology online to students at Baha’i Institute of Higher Education.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Center for Global Integrated Education (CGIE), a non-profit Baha’i-inspired educational organization, which explores oneness of all humanity, and teaches the integrated mind-body-spirit approach in education.

She has served for two years as the producer and host of a two-hour weekly live radio show for the Persian community in Sothern, California focusing on the role of the psychology of spirituality in personal and social transformation, creativity, emotional and social intelligence, and a greater sense of harmony in a global society. She also has been the host and producer of TV series called Transforming Human Consciousness for eight years. She regularly writes and blogs on on topics related to integrated education, the oneness of humanity, the powers of the human spirit in the betterment of global society, elimination of all prejudice, equality of women and men, and education reform. Some of her shows are posted on her; Keyvan Geula YouTube Channel.

Mrs. Geula has served in several Baha’i institutions since her youth in Iran and USA.


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