Spiritual Education Success in Public School Paper Published by UNM Revisited

Once again the topic is to teaching or not to teach spiritual education in public schools is at the center of educators’ attention. Dr. Ding Jo Currie is hosting the discussion Sat. June 1, 2019

Below are some of the questions explored:

  • What is spiritual education?
  • What do we mean by spiritual?
  • What role may religion or may not play?
  • Where is science in this integration?
  • Can spiritual education challenge science?
  • Can spiritual education be universal like science?
  • Can we examine spiritual laws the same way we determine laws of science such as the law of gravity?

Spiritual Dialogue on June 1, 2019, Spiritual Dialogue on June 1, 2019

Palomares Spiritual Empowerment Program (PSEP) proved to be a unique approach to exploring and applying the spiritual laws that universally affect human relations and the progress of human civilizations.


The program was Baha’i-inspired. That means, our curriculum and process were centered on Baha’i principles such as the oneness of all humanity, the oneness of all religions, the Oneness of God, Equality of women and men, independent investigation of truth, the harmony of science and religion, world peace, spiritual solutions to economic problems of the world, the main purpose of justice is unity and harmony, etc.

Spiritually Learned

For every thing, however, God has created a sign and symbol, and established standards and tests by which it may be known. The spiritually learned must be characterized by both inward and outward perfections; they must possess a good character, an enlightened nature, a pure intent, as well as intellectual power, brilliance and discernment, intuition, discretion and foresight, temperance, reverence, and a heartfelt fear of God. For an unlit candle, however great in diameter and tall, is no better than a barren palm tree or a pile of dead wood.

The Secret of Divine Civilization

Post of Honor

Each man has been placed in a post of honour, which he must not desert. A humble workman who commits an injustice is as much to blame as a renowned tyrant. Thus we all have our choice between justice and injustice. I hope that each one of you will become just, and direct your thoughts towards the unity of mankind; that you will never harm your neighbours nor speak ill of any one; that you will respect the rights of all men, and be more concerned for the interests of others than for your own.

Thus will you become torches of Divine justice, acting in accordance with the Teaching of Bahá’u’lláh, who, during His life, bore innumerable trials and persecutions in order to show forth to the world of mankind the virtues of the World of Divinity, making it possible for you to realize the supremacy of the spirit, and to rejoice in the Justice of God.

Paris Talks of Abdu’l-Baha

The above quotations are a sample of what guided and illumined our path in design and implementation of Palomares Spiritual Empowerment Program.  Our students found it most gratifying to memorize the post of honor quotation and use it in speaking up their minds about justice and the importance of claiming our post of honor.


The goal of the curriculum was to teach and train college student interns to design and implement an interactive and spiritually intelligent curriculum that meets the social, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and relational needs of high school students.  This form of holistic and integrated education is traditionally missing from the academic experience of students in public schools.

The curriculum aimed at lifting the hearts as well as the minds of the students in appreciation of integrated education evidenced by their added knowledge, development of wisdom, and the emergence of spiritual insights translated into increased volition supported by actions that render the students to be part of the solution of the challenges of their own lives and their communities. An academic paper was presented and published at the Mentorship conference at the U of New Mexico in October 2017

As a result of the 6 year relationship, mentorship and training the lives of beyond our expectations all in the direction of service to humanity. We decided to bring the program into conclusion in June 2017. Since then we continue to witness how the experience of Palomares Spiritual Empowerment Program has had lasting effect on the lives of all my 6 interns.  Two have embraced the Baha’i Faith, gotten married and live in different parts of the globe. One is expecting a child. One is finishing a master’s degree in School counseling. One is at a master’s program for marriage and Family Counseling. One is launching a carrier in film, business and media, and one is pursuing a degree in health sciences and has started to serve at an after school empowerment program.

A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years, specializes in using the Bahá’í Teachings to identify theories, techniques, and approaches that produce the best results for her clients. She is the founder and executive director of the Center for Global Integrated Education, a non-profit Bahá’í-inspired educational organization.


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