SUMNER ELEMENTARY Spiritual Empowerment P. 2 in Transforming Human Consciousness

A diverse group of students from Sumner Elementary School had the honor of being selected and invited by Principal Mrs. Jacobs to participate in a weekly training program focused on fostering unity among all individuals, enhancing consultation and conflict resolution skills, improving communication and active listening abilities, and combating prejudice. Renowned therapist Keyvan Geula, LMFT, was graciously invited to facilitate and guide these sessions. This recording, captured at the Geula home, offers a concise overview of the invaluable lessons these students absorbed, cherished, and eagerly shared. Their articulate reflections demonstrate a remarkable grasp of the material and a genuine enthusiasm for advancing human consciousness. Special recognition is due to Principal Mrs. Jacobs for her foresight and unwavering commitment, attending each session held in her modest office without fail.


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